DES-X1 autonomous UV desinfection robot

The best solution
for UV clinics desinfection:

  • 1.Cost effective
  • 2.UV-C lamps against hospital bacterias
  • 3.More effective due to movements around the room
  • 4.No need human control
  • 5.Autonomous navigation
  • 6.Creating schedule of sessions
  • 7.Access to statistics
  • 8.High security protection
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Technical details

Lamps: 8

Type of lamps: UV-C

Size of lamps: 908.8x26 G13

Lifetime: 9000 hrs

Max speed: 5 km/h

Battery charge time: 3-4 hours

Working time: 2 hour

Remote operator control

Time per room: 10 - 20 minutes

Supporting metal frame.

Onboard PC - Core i5-4GB-120GBpod Windows.

Voltage 12V on-board network.

220V battery charging voltage.

The duration of battery life up to 8 hours.

Dimensions (resting) HxWxD 1500 x 470 x 500 mm.

Weight - 75 kg.

The diameter of the wheels - 400 mm.

Clearance - 40 mm.