RF-T1 - RFID reader retail robot

The best solution
for automatic inventory:

  • 1.Increased RFID inventory accuracy compared to handheld readers
  • 2.3D automatic inventory
  • 3.Cost reduction in inventory taking
  • 4.Fast and easy detection of misplaced items
  • 5.Acceleration of picking for return management
  • 6.Easily moves around any given space
  • 7.Synchronized tag reading and movement
  • 8.Very high read rate
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Radiofrequency specifications:

Air Protocol Interface:

EPCglobalUHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C

Air Protocol Interface:

FCC (NA, SA) 902 MHz -928 MHz

ETSI (EU, IN) 865.6 MHz -867.6 MHz

MIC (KR) 910 MHz -914 MHz

SRRC-MII (P.R.China) 920 MHz -925 MHz

Brazil: 902-907,5 MHz and915-928 MHz(

ACMA (AU, NZ) 920 MHz –926 MHz

RF connections

Four 50 ohm SMA connectors for monostaticantennas

RF Power

Programmable from 5 dBmto 31.5 dBmin 0.5 dBmsteps.

Max tag read distance

Up to 6 m (20 feet)

Max tag read throughput

Up to 400 tags/second

Number of antennas

12antennas, 6 on the right side and 6 on the left side


60°/ 60°


6.6 dBi(EU version), 7.5 dBi(US version)

Data communications

Ethernet: IEEE 802.3 up to 100 Mbps

Wifi: IEEE 802.11 b/g, WEP security, IEEE 802.11i-PSK, WPA-PSK, TKIP


On-board rechargeable batteries


2083 mm x 190mm x 500 mm diameter



Max speed

1 m/s

Tractor wheels: 2

Caster Wheels: 4

Shock Absorber: 2


24V 30Ah Li-lon, +12 hours of operation


10 meter range, 270o

Technical details

Animated eyes.

It is integrated in the camera head.

Number of degrees of freedom - 17.

LED emulation movement of the lips.

Breast monitor 10 "with Multitouch support

The possibility of autonomous communication with the client.

Remote operator control.

Built-in speaker system.

The mobile platform is controlled with one driving wheel.

Supporting metal frame.

Decorative plastic cladding.

Onboard PC - Core i5-4GB-120GBpod Windows.

Voltage 12V on-board network.

220V battery charging voltage.

The duration of battery life up to 8 hours.

Dimensions (resting) HxWxD 1600 x 570 x 700 mm.

Weight - 80 kg.

The diameter of the wheels - 200 mm.

Clearance - 70 mm.

Robot for automatic inventory!

RFID inventory accuracy with handheld RFID readers could be in excess of 98%, but process missteps and human errors decrease that accuracy to 85% - 95%. RF-T1 is a mobile and autonomous RFID system that performs automatically the inventory of a given space, for instance, a retail store or low-ceiling warehouse, that provides a higher RFID inventory accuracy than handheld readers. RF-T1 also locates each tagged item in the 3 axes (x, y and z), and provides a 3 dimension planogram of the products inside a space.

This information helps customers finding the products they are looking for, help employees detecting misplaced items, accelerates picking and return management,etc. RF-T1 can move in all directions since it can rotate without displacement. Therefore, it can easily move around any given space. The movement of AdvanRobot is synchronized with tag reading in order to maximize read rate. RF-T1 only moves after no more tags are being read at a given position.